Padel attracts thousands of fans through its simplicity and ease of play. This sport, which is rapidly gaining popularity, can be practiced by anyone who likes to spend time actively. Any games for points cause an increased desire to compete in sports. In the case of padel, such a competition can start from the first hour of learning. The game is always played by four people, which is why padel is considered a very social sport, bringing people from different backgrounds and ages together.

It’s time for you to try yourself


Our PADLOVNIA was created in a spontaneous and dreamy way. One of us said one day „Poland needs more panel clubs, let’s open one”. And today we welcome you to the largest and most modern padel club in Poland. Padel is now the fastest growing sport in Spain, Italy, France, Sweden and South America where it was born. It is also becoming more and more popular in Poland, but the main reason for the slow development of this sport is … the lack of infrastructure. That is why we want to contribute to this expansion by creating a friendly and modern space for all sports enthusiasts.

We believe that sport practicing is one of the most important elements of everyone’s life. In today’s society, where stress, work and day to day responsibilities overwhelm us every day, we need a space where we can disconnect from everyday life by practicing the sport we like, enjoying the moment with other players and most importantly, creating bonds that enrich us as people. We have created this space for you.

Our goal is to provide ideal conditions for practicing padel for people of all skill levels. We have created PADLOVNIA SCHOOL where you can start learning from scratch at any age, develop and improve day by day to enjoy sport at the highest level. For this purpose, we have 8 fully equipped courts (4 in the all-year-round hall and 4 in the open air), a specious café with an outdoor terrace, changing rooms and a fenced playground for children, where our little ones can safely spend their time.

We are pleased to welcome you to use the entire newly created sports infrastructure.


Especially for you, we are creating PADLOVNIA SCHOOL, where you will be able to start learning from scratch and, under the supervision of licensed trainers, improve your skills at every level of advancement.

We place particular emphasis on training children and youth selected in age groups, who will also be able to compete in league games.

We also invite seniors who want to spend their time in an interesting and active way.
Please direct all questions regarding Padlovnia School to our head coach – Mateusz Miroński (mateusz@padlovnia.pl or 537 998 544).

Game Plan


We have launched LIGA PADLOVNIA in our club.

The games take place:

– in six-week cycles

– in categories A-B1-B2-B3-C and MIKST

– groups of six pairs

– after each cycle, two couples are promoted and two are relegated to a lower league


All details and reservations on the website  https://kluby.org/liga/padlovnia



Weekdays (1H)

8:00-16:00  80 PLN
16:00-24:00 100 PLN

Weekends & Holidays :

10:00-22:00 100 PLN

When you buy 10 hours in advance, you get the 11th one from us.

15PLN/H – renting a padel racket



8:00-16:00 120 PLN
16:00-24:00 160 PLN

Saturday (1H)

9:00 – 15:00 160 PLN

15:00 – 22:00: 120 PLN

Sunday (1H)

9:00-22:00 120 PLN

Americano: 80 PLN

When you buy 10 hours in advance, you get the 11th one from us.


For 1 person            120 PLN*

For 2 people           140 PLN*

For 3-4 people             160 PLN*

*The cost of renting a court should be added to the price of the lesson lessened by 20%


For children 4-12 years old (up to 6 people)  250 PLN*

For youth 12-17 years old (up to 6 people)  290 PLN*

For adults (up to 4 people)  290 PLN*

* The price includes a cycle of 4, 1 hour classes once a week



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Our Club is not only a place where you can play Padel. We invite you to spend time in our bar, where you can drink aromatic coffee, soft drinks, juices, Prosecco and Spanish beer. In addition, we offer a wide selection of freshly baked cakes and tasty snacks that will satisfy your palate.

 It is also an ideal space for organizing various events. Regardless of the occasion – from birthdays and anniversaries to business meetings – with our experienced team we can provide you with a unique experience.

Our staff has many years of experience in organizing events and knows how to take care of every detail. From taking care of guest comfort to ensuring the event runs smoothly, you can be sure that your event will be run with the utmost care.

Regardless of whether you are planning an intimate meeting with your loved ones or a corporate event for a larger number of people, our club is the perfect place for you. We will adapt to your needs and make sure that your event will be an unforgettable experience.

Contact us today to discuss details and book an appointment.

mobile: +48 503 724 142 | e-mail: hello@padlovnia.pl